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Devin, Aviel, and Callie in the Old City, Dec 2013. 

In Romans 11, the bible speaks of the growing family of God through the metaphor of an olive tree.  The natural branches, symbolic of the Jewish people, are broken off so that the wild branches, representing the Gentile nations, can be grafted in.  In God's great covenant keeping nature, He then re-grafts the natural branches back into His tree.  In doing so, He grants rich blessings to the entire world!  We are seeing this prophecy fulfilled before our very eyes, with the creation of the state of Israel and the knowledge the Jewish people are gaining of their Messiah! 

The primary blogger here at Growing An Olive Tree, I am Callie, a wife to Devin, and mother to Aviel, Lydia, and Eliora  I made childhood home in baseball stadiums across America, spending the off seasons in North Carolina.  I have a Masters of Architecture degree from the University of Cincinnati, and a BS in Interior Design from UNC-Greensboro.  I am a space designer, book worm, and writer, a Disney Girl turned Disney Mom, who loves horses and ballet, and mostly, I have a passion for seeing the fire that burns in Yeshua's eyes.

Devin drops in occasionally to share a Shabbat Letter.  He is a foodie who loves soccer, with an incredible gift of teaching.  Devin currently works for Anglican International School - Jerusalem where he teaches a variety of subjects and serves as the Head of Secondary (Principal in US terms).  He is also a board member for Intercessor for Israel, a ministry founded by Derek Prince that provides solid Biblical based teachings and prayer concerns about Israel to the Nations.  Devin has a BS in Theology from Israel College of the Bible.  Devin moved to Israel in 1999, just before the second Intifada.  Several years later, he made aliyah and served in the Israeli Defense Force.  He's the bravest man I've ever known. 

Aviel is the sweetest little boy in the world with a head full of blond curls.  Our home is full of sticks, rocks, and crumbs, from his wonderful presence.   Aviel made his Major League Pitching debut during the summer of 2013, which has been one of our favorite family memories.  He has a strong gift of bible knowledge and makes the post profound statements about Yeshua.  He inspires both of us to be childlike in our faith.

Lydia is the joy of our hearts.  She is a teeny tiny girl who loves shoes and being tickled.  We were blessed by her sweet life after I dealt with secondary infertility caused by a rare condition called Cushing's Disease.  She was well worth the long journey it took to have her with us today!  We are delighted by her compassion and desire to cuddle.  She reminds us of God's promises everyday.

Eliora is our newest joy bundle.  She is graceful in all that she does, our little ballerina.  The Lord was present at her birth in a really amazing way.  It was the easiest of the three and in so many ways reflects the sweet gentleness of Eliora's personality.   I plan to share the story soon!  

Here at Growing an Olive Tree, we hope that through our testimony, you will see how the Lord is growing His family, His Kingdom, through our family, and our hearts for Israel and the Nations.  Most importantly, we hope you leave here with a sense of how much God loves you and how powerful it is to enter into His covenant through the shed blood of Yeshua, Jesus.

Blessings and Shalom! 

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