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Kindred Grace

An online magazine/blog for women, Kindred Grace is a conglomeration of writers (and readers) who love the Lord.  Look for my monthly contribution and make sure to read through post from other writers as well.  You'll be blessed!  

When You Need to Say, "Break Up With Him!"   June 2015

Hope Gave Me Courage  April 2015

Overcoming the Wedding Band Divide  February 2015

Shaken Momfidence  January 2015

He Gave Me Lydia  December 2014

Dry Bones Arise  October 2014

War Sirens and Oil Flasks  September 2014
Eating Religion for Dinner  July 2014

Through a Marriage Proposal June 2014  
Stories from a Mom on a Mission May 2014
Beauty Thief April 2014
Perpetua, a Bus, and a Vow  March 2014
Sowing Seeds of Prayer for Our Children  February 2014


I am also an international contributor for a North Carolina based publication called SAVED News. My monthly column, My Life In Israel, is a collection of life stories combined with some Jewish roots teachings that she hopes will be applicable to the body of Messiah today!

Talk the Talk  July 2014       
Where the Workers are Few June 2014 
 His Burning Word May 2014
A Blessed Appointment  April 2014
But I Might Die!  March 2014
Worthy is the Lamb  February 2014
Uncomfortable Blessings  January 2014

When God is With Us  December 2013

A Thanksgivukkah Feast  November 2013

(will provide soon)  October 2013

Where You Born Jewish?  September 2013 

Blessed to Bless August 2013

The Gift of Rest July 2013
An Evening with Anne June 2013
Cheesecake and the Fire of God  May 2013

Living in Bible Times Now! April 2013
Celebrating Passover March 2013
My Life In Israel An Interview about the Pillar of Defense Conflict Feb 2013


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