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Dream Big. Do Hard.

When I was a first year design student at UNC-Greensboro , one of my professors once said, "Some people are thinkers, and so are doers.  To be a good designer your have to be a thinker who does, and a doer who thinks."  And I got it.  I'm a thinker and a visionary.  I dream big.  But a big dream is only as good as its ability to become real, and that's where I struggle.  Design school (all 9 years of it) was a great time to learn how to think with my hands--to think while, and through, doing.  I thought I got pretty decent at that--blending those two almost opposite qualities--and then I had kids!  Amazingly, holding my first tiny baby in my arms inspired even bigger dreams.  Dreams that went far beyond me and into the generations....  "To infinity and beyond!"  My vision became much more eternally minded, understanding that the life I lived, the prayers I prayed, would have implications for generations to come.  Then the day came when reading to

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