Dream Big. Do Hard.

When I was a first year design student at UNC-Greensboro, one of my professors once said, "Some people are thinkers, and so are doers.  To be a good designer your have to be a thinker who does, and a doer who thinks." 

And I got it. 

I'm a thinker and a visionary.  I dream big.  But a big dream is only as good as its ability to become real, and that's where I struggle.  Design school (all 9 years of it) was a great time to learn how to think with my hands--to think while, and through, doing.  I thought I got pretty decent at that--blending those two almost opposite qualities--and then I had kids! 

Amazingly, holding my first tiny baby in my arms inspired even bigger dreams.  Dreams that went far beyond me and into the generations....  "To infinity and beyond!"  My vision became much more eternally minded, understanding that the life I lived, the prayers I prayed, would have implications for generations to come. 

Then the day came when reading to Aviel, seeing a need for Hebrew roots and Messianic children's stories, I said, "Lord, if you give me a story.  I'll do it." 

And He did! 

That was seven years ago.  Seven years of dreaming, thinking, thinking about trying to do, trying to do, and actually doing.  Do you follow? 

Its hard to be a doer with little ones. 

And that's exactly why this place where I find myself right now, on the homestretch of this book journey, is so exciting! 

This week, the drawings finally went into the computer!  I'm technically still in the scanning process because we had a problem with the machine, but I'm doing what I can while I wait for the corrections.

© Callie Mitchell 2017
Its been a journey of faithfulness.  Learning to be faithful with a 30 minute block of time, or a glue stick from Aviel's pencil box.  Its been about pressing on even when it seems impossible, facing the fear of making that first cut on the paper, or painting that first leaf.   The fruit has been so sweet, though, and I hope with my whole heart, in a few months time, YOU, my family and friends and readers from afar, will taste that fruit and be blessed as your read to your children!   I hope the blood sweat and tears poured into this project will inspire YOU to be dream big and do hard.  And even more so, I hope you experience the Lord's goodness as you read a story that He wrote in His word, breathed into history, and then whispered into my heart.  


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