Violence and the Break Down of the Traditional Family

Intuitively, my understanding of the world leads me to believe that a healthy traditional family is good for society. Maybe this is because I come from a broken home and I've seen the dramatic change that took place in my family structure prior to the divorce and after. Or maybe it is the faith I have in the Lord's biblical instructions on marriage being something He's given us for our ability to thrive and prosper, not just a legalistic mandate. As I study the subject, it turns out that there has been research dated as far back as 1829 that supports what intuitively makes sense according to my understanding. The research didn't stop at 1829 either. It maintains to be true even today. The break down of the traditional family is in fact a root cause of violent crime.

Research by Kevin and Karen Wright, published by the US Department of Justice indicates that the breakdown and/or non-formation of the traditional family has the regretful consequence of violent tendencies in juveniles. As single-parent (primarily single-mother) families increase, so does violent crime. The research does not stop with single mothers but also includes blended families, domestic violence, abandonment, neglect, and criminal parents as other circumstances that contribute violent youth in all race and financial demographics.

This is one of many reasons why I support policy makers who hold to traditional family values. Gun control and social welfare programs may serve as temporary fixes, but they do not get to the root of the problem. This is why I believe supporting and forming a traditional family - which is indeed a biblical family - is the greatest most radical act of 'social justice' I can be part of.

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