The Sweetest Thing

Devin and I witnessed the sweetest thing earlier this week. We were blessed to see our teeny tiny baby's fluttering heart beat, and the little one's silhouette. This was our second appointment. On our first visit, the doctor did a scan, so we were blessed to see the baby at 5 weeks and 5 days. Unfortunately, she did not take a picture. Not many people are given the privileged of seeing their baby so early. It was amazing to go in on the next visit, only two weeks later, to see that our baby was six times bigger than the first visit!

We took home a great souvenir:

In certain views, the baby looked much more like a baby with a big head and round belly. I wish she had taken the photo from one of those views, but the baby needed to be measured. :) Seeing how very much alive and beautiful our little one is made all difficult first trimester symptoms worth it!

Because ultra sound photos can be hard to read, I thought I'd include an image of how our baby looked at the time of our last appointment:

How cute! I've been amazed at how quickly the little thing grows and develops. By the fifth week, only one week after most women find out they are expecting, the baby's heart is already forming and beginning to beat. The rhythm evens out during the sixth week as ventricles separate, and the heart is fully visible and fluttering by the seventh week, at a heart rate nearly twice that of mine.

Though this little one is totally dependent on my body for life, this is a completely separate person from me, with its own set of tiny fingers and toes, and its own destiny and purpose in the Lord. I'm so blessed and honored to give the little one a home for the next 7 months. Hopefully I'll be a comfortable temporary living space!

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