Adventures on the Jesus Boat

While my mom (Mema) and Devin's parents (Sabba and Safta) were visiting, we took a little outing up North to visit the Sea of Galilee (or Kinneret as we like to say in Israel). While we were there, we took a ride on the Jesus Boat. This is a little tour that goes out into the Sea while playing wonderful worship music. Its very touristy, but its still one of my favorite things to do in the North. I always have a strong sense of the Lord's presence while on the boat!

The Mitchell Family. This is the only photo you'll see Devin in because he was the man behind the camera that day.

Safta and Sabba enjoying their time together.

Aviel loved the boat ride. He slept all then entire time. It was a very overcast day, but you can still see a bit of the Golan Heights in the background.

Mema taking it all in. Yes, this is the Sea that Jesus walked on. Wow.


Safta telling Mema about all the sites around the Sea, such as Capernaum and the Mount of Beatitudes.

Little Aviel is only 15 days old here. The last time I was on the Jesus Boat, I was 18 weeks pregnant and we worshipped the Lord. It was great to be able to worship with my little one out and about.

Mema and Sabba listening to our captain, Daniel, as he tells us about net fishing.

Now he gives a try.

No fish to the left of the boat... this time we try the right side, hoping for 153.

No success on this outing, but we did get to hear Daniel share his testimony of meeting Yeshua on the Sea.

A view of the boat. Normally the center is full of chairs for large tour groups. This was the first time I had ever been on the boat with such a small group. It was wonderful! Now, when YOU visit, make sure to take a ride on the Jesus Boat!

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