Shabbat Shalom

Dear Family,

How time flies when you have a baby! Aviel is growing so fast, it is hard to
believe that it has been almost two months since he was born. I used to mark
time In days, months, and years, but now I mark time by the new things my son
does. Callie and I have been blessed by such a wonderful outpouring of support
during this whole process. Thank you all so much for your prayers. They have
been wonderfully answered by the Lord and we covet your continued prayers on our
behalf. There are still so many unanswered questions that we need the Lord to
speak into. We are still working on settling both Callie and Aviel's status
with the government here. Please pray the Lord would open doors for us that no
man would be able to shut. Callie needs clarity on what needs to happen with
the rest of her Masters Degree. We know the Lord has a plan for it, but at this
point, it is hard to see what the Lord has in store. I also need some real
guidance about what the Lord wants me to do about work. The Lord has provided
for us abundantly, and I have no doubt He will continue to do so, but I really
need the Lord to speak to me about where I should go from here.

Israel continues to be a focal point for much of the world's anger. It
continues to astound me that so much of the world can be angry with such a small
country. We know that in Zechariah, it talks about all the nations coming
against Israel, but having lived here for 9 years now, it is still hard for me
to believe. Why would so much of the world be so upset at such a small country?
When I hear some of the commentators and world leaders speak about Israel, it
seems as though all the world's problems originate with this small country. The
only explanation for this much attention is that we are seeing the fulfillment
of Zechariah before our eyes. The nations haven't come up to wage war against
Israel yet, but we can definitely see how attitudes around the globe have turned
against her. Please pray that the Lord would defend this small nation He has
chosen for His Purpose. Pray that the Lord would reveal Himself through His Son
Yeshua to the sons and daughters of Israel. Finally, please continue to pray
that the Lord would lead Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and show him
how to navigate the dangerous political waters he is in.

There is a question that well meaning believers have not directly asked us, but
which was very clear from their conversation with us: Why would you start a
family in such a dangerous place like Israel? The simple spiritual answer is to
say that the Lord called us and we went. For many, they would outwardly accept
that answer, but at the same time be saying to themselves that we are crazy
people. The question has to be asked though, "Where do we find our security?"
This week, some things happened in the States that had everyone holding their
breath. When the stock market started to plunge nearly 1,000 points in minutes,
people around the country could see their future falling to pieces. Sure it
turned out to be a set of odd circumstances, but for that moment, a piece of our
personal security was taken away. How did it affect us as believers? How did
the would be bombing in Times Square affect us? We as believers in the God of
Israel must understand that our security can only be found in our Savior Yeshua.
The Lord is our Rock and our Fortress in a time of trouble. We sing great songs
about this truth, but we need to do more than that. We need to make it
something we live everyday. There will be many unbelievers in the coming months
and years who will need to find security because they haven't found it in the
world. Will they see a Body of Messiah that is looking for worldly security
just like them? Or will they run to Body of Messiah because they know we have
found our security in Yeshua? The Lord who has called us to life in Israel will
secure our family. Trying to raise a family anywhere else would put us at more
risk because it is not where the Lord has called us to live. There are many
things that unknown for us here and many times I tend to see my problems more
than my Rock, but can anyone honestly tell me they knew these things would
happen in the States this past week? Our security MUST be in Him and it is time
that we, His Body, makes it a reality. Blessings to you!

In Yeshua,

Devin and Callie


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