Pro-Life at the Pool

A few days ago, while at the pool, doctoral student from China approached me about Aviel. She said she had a 10 month old in China, explaining that they would be separated for two months because she couldn't afford childcare over here. I asked her how she was doing with that. She said it was really hard. I can't imagine being separated from my baby for that long!

She then proceeded to tell me how much she looked forward to having a second baby.

I asked, "How will that work in China, to have two babies?"

"Oh. It doesn't!" She said. "But my daughter was born in America. She's an American Citizen so she doesn't count. We can have another one."

"Way to beat the system!" I cheered as she giggled!

My imagination got going and I started thinking about all the ways to get expecting Chinese mothers over here to birth babies, so they wouldn't feel pressure to have abortions!

Wouldn't it be a blessing to see Chinese families forming with greater numbers of children! Maybe our birth related citizenship laws aren't so bad after all!

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