Sirens and Oil Flasks

The sirens sounded and I wasn't ready.

For the last day and a half, I had this nagging thought that I needed to prepare a bag for a quick trip down to the bomb shelter, if it came to that.   With the battle in the South escalating to attacks on Tel Aviv and Rishon Le Tzion,  both only a forty-five minute drive from Jerusalem, the reality of our circumstances hit closer to home - literally.

I had gathered a few things and put them together, but in the busyness of the day, I just had not finished.

Then it happened.

We were leaving the house for Shabbat Dinner and the sirens blew.  My heart sank.  I rushed to close the window treseme, and gathered up the sorted contents I wanted for our shelter bag, while Devin jumped online to see what was going on.  Since it was short siren, we suspected that we were still safe, but we wanted to be sure.  After some assessment, phone calls, discussions with neighbors, we decided that conditions were stable enough to continue on with our evening plans and headed out for dinner.  Part of the Israeli mentality towards these issues is to continue on with life as normally as possible.

I couldn't quite transition back into normal.  My adrenaline was still running high from what had just taken place.  We still were not sure exactly why the sirens sounded and I feared the war was now at our back door.

On the walk, all I could think about was how foolish I had been to not have prioritized getting our bag ready.  We'd be safe without it, but as the mother of a two and a half year old, there are things I knew we'd need for an extended time in the shelter.  I had planned, but I had not assembled.

Like those silly foolish virgins who had their lampstands, but forgot their oil, I wasn't ready. My flask was empty. (See Matthew 25: 1-14) 

Our shelter bag traveled with us in Aviel's stroller on our walk to dinner last night, and when we got home, I quickly completed and organized its contents - blanket, water bottle, extra clothes, snacks, crafts and toys, bibles, books, etc.  Its next to the door now, with socks, shoes, and jackets.  We slept ready to go if the sirens were to sound again.  Well, at least Devin and Aviel slept.  I was up all night working through some anxiety from the earlier events of the day.   

As I pressed into the Lord while my two guys slept, I asked Him to give me a spirit of wisdom about how to prepare our home and our hearts if this were to happen again.  And I asked Him to help me to be ready for Him - for His return.

When the bridegroom comes, I want my oil flasks full. 

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