Sometimes We.... Eat Sabich!

Sabich is a type of pita sandwich that we sometimes eat when we're out in City Center. Its a fun little treat first brought to Israel by Iraqi Jews in the 1950's. The yummy goodness consists of eggplant, roasted egg, Israeli sauces, (humas, tehina, mango sauce, and hot sauce) and salad vegetables all stuffed in a fluffy white pita.

We were out doing some errands last week, and stopped by our favorite Sabich stand for lunch. For anyone familiar with City Center, he's located on Shamai St. (next to the Ewoo Butcher).

Here we are waiting our turn.

The shop owner fixing us up.

He fills the pita with the eggplant and egg, then adds all these extras

Aviel dives in for a giant bite!

Bete Avon! (Bon Appetit)
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