Shavuot Party!

Shavuot, or the Feast of Weeks... also known as Pentecost to some, was a joyful event this year! If you are unfamiliar to Shavuot, it is the last of the spring Holy Days on the Hebrew calendar and celebrates the time the Law was given on Mount Sinai. In the Brit Hadasha, it is the time the Holy Spirit was give in Acts 2. For more detailed explainations read this blog post from a few years ago,  and my most article for SAVEDnews, Cheesecake and the Fire of God.

This year I accepted the role of Vod Chagim, which means I am the chair person for our congregation's Holy Day Committee. Not being Jewish,  I'm surprised I was asked to fulfill this role!  Its been a joyful challenge to organize events, since these traditions were not part of my childhood and upbringing.  I've enjoyed learning about the Holy Days, not only from a theological perspective, but also as traditional celebrations. I so greatly see the the Lord's hand in asking me to serve the body this way!

Purim was the first celebration I was responsible for organizing (a giant thanks to Devorah for really heading that one up), and this year's Shavuot feast was the second (thanks to Karen for the help on this one!) So... The three Mitchells celebrated this year's Shavuot feast with our Kehilah (congregation) at the home of some friends! The party focused around an Israeli style BBQ, and a Cheesecake competition!

The Cheesecake competition was one of the highlights of the day. We had two categories: Best Taste and Best Presentation, which were each selected by popular vote.  Like my ballot boxes?  This was great fun because it meant all of us had to *sample* each cheesecake present, and prompting a lot of interaction and conversation between guests.

This year I learned that part of the traditional celebration of Shavuot is for the children to fill baskets with fruit and to wear floral crown - both boys and girls - since this is a harvest celebration. 

Devin spent most of the day outside at the grill with the guys.  Israeli BBQ's consists of tons and tons of meat, of all varieties.

We had wings, kebabs, kevis (lamb), steaks... And inside we had a variety of salads.


This is the view of the Israeli landscape that Devin was privileged to view as he worked on the grill.


After lunch, these guys went for a little swim. Pools aren't common in Israel due to our water shortage. The family we visited have this pool for medical purposes, and they blessedly allow us to use it when we visit! It is a special treat!

Thanks for celebrating Shavuot with us!

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