Blessed like Cornelius?

Nearly a week into September and I am just now remembering to post the link to my August article for SAVED News.  LOL.  We'll blame my forgetfulness on all the fun we were having on our Great American Adventure.

The culture shock of entering back into the prosperity and comfort of the States inspired the August article.  Israel is a different world.  We're all still pioneering the Land, and the challenges that those of us who live here face can call the Genesis 12:3 promise into question if we are looking at this in the natural. 

Since the bible is self-interpreting, the Lord granted an answer and encouragement to me personally through one of my favorite Brit Hadasha stories found in Acts 10.   Check out my August article to see how the Lord blessed Cornelius, a gentile in the Roman Cohort,  for blessing Israel.

Recommended Reading:
Revolution in World Missions by Dr. KP Yohannan 
(This is a free ebook/pdf)

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