Missile Mayhem

In the last month I've had a few posts go live in my other venues about the realities of war, describing a few events surrounding missiles and sirens here in Israel. 

The first one, War Sirens and Oil Flasks, appeared on Kindred Grace.  This piece is a variation on something I wrote shortly after Operation Pillar of Defense (or Pillar Cloud, as more accurately translated), but I expanded it for our KG audience and our monthly feature  on devotional lives.  It is a narrative of my *first ever* siren that is woven through the Matt 25 parable of the virgins and lamp stands. 

Next, on SAVED News, please view my article called The Midnight Missile.  This is a shorter piece describing the events of running down the bomb shelter due to a missile in the middle of the night.  This is not a teaching piece, rather simply an update for my readers in the form of little story.  This one includes a photo of our shelter for anyone curious about how that space looks and feels. 

Life in Israel is so surreal.  Sometimes I feel like I live in the Wild Wild West.  Hmm.... that sounds like a great upcoming post! 


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