Made New by the Rain

This year, my post gets to kick off the annual March of Books over at Kindred Grace! More about that, but first, I'd like to extend a warm welcome to any KG readers who might be visiting Growing and Olive Tree for the first time!    This is a place where we go deep into God's word as I share the insights gleaned, the battles fought, and the victories won, while walking in blessings and enduring the trials, of raising a family in the Jewish state of Israel as believers in Yeshua HaMashiach, Jesus the Messiah! 

For this years MoB, I have two posts coming up!  This one is what I call an unreview, or maybe a living review (read it and tell me what you think fits better) of a simply beautiful children's book that I found on the adult non-fiction book shelf where our Kehilah (congregation) meets for services on Shabbat, and I tell the story of how it ministered to my heart in a profound way!  If you a regular to my blog, please stop by Kindred Grace and check it out!  Its one I'd recommend for your home library, for sure! 

 Made New by the Rain

A review of Come On, Rain!  By Karen Hesse with Pictures by Jon J Muth

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