A Story of Grapes, Giants and Homebirth (part 1)

Lydia's birth story has been slow in coming.  That's the struggle of two children, lots of writing adventures, and a year of 4 hours worth of daily bus rides.  As I'm preparing for the birth of number three, the Lord has laid it on my heart to write it out, remembering the sweetness and the love. 

Her story really begins years before she was born,  in the Lord's provision for her birth plan, healing my body of Cushing's Disease that caused secondary infertility, and prophetically downloading her name four weeks before I knew she was in my womb. 

I remember the day I was sitting on Carly's couch (yes, the same Carly from Aviel's birth story, my brand new friend at the time, due a week before me, who graciously threw our baby shower), when the Lord began moving my heart toward a homebirth.

Carly had planned for a natural birth and due to "Failure to Progress" ended up in a cesarean.  I will not tell all the details of her story here, but unconvinced that this took place for no unknown reason, she set out to get answers, and answers she found.  Not only answers, but also a man whom she referred to as "the homebirth doctor." 

We sat and talked, as she shared her heart over her disappointment that the surgery could have been prevented through a few changes prohibited by hosptial policy, and that she was planning a HBAC (Home Birth After Cesarean).  This doctor was willing to take her on as a client. 

My eyes swelled with tears.

While I was happy for her, the tears were pouring from a place in my heart much deeper.  I felt she had found something for me, as well. 

My first birth went amazingly well, but having gestational diabetes, my options were limited.  Being granted a high risk status (more on that later) was devastating.  It was scary news for a first time mom.  God was so good, however, and whispered that He would give me Something Special and that He certainly did, which is why my own strength of emotion was so surprising at the news Carly had shared.  The prospect of this doctor caused me to feel quite safe and free, and as if the Lord might have something different for us next time.    Little did I know it would be a few more years before I'd even carry my next child, due to secondary infertility (find a series of posts about my story of Cushing's Disease here). 

Carly went on two have two babies at home with the homebirth doctor during the time span that I waited....  and waited....  and waited... 

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