Shabbat Shalom

Dear Family,

Thank you so much for your wonderful prayers for us. The Lord has been gracious to us and He continues to pour out His mercies. We are in the midst of so many things that sometimes it is hard to keep it all straight. Callie is pushing hard toward the end of her quarter at UC. She has many big projects coming up soon, so please keep her in your prayers. I have continued my work at the Christ hospital as a chaplain and it has been an amazing blessing to me. I am learning things about ministry and care for people that I would not have earned otherwise. We are also going to be shipping our things to Israel within the next couple days. Please pray that everything will get to Israel with no hassle and with nothing missing. These companies make moves like this all the time, but sending so many of our things in one shipment is a little unnerving.

The political landscape in Israel is shaping up to be a very shaky one. A right wing government will be taking power soon, but the coalition is far from solid. This is something that Israel does not need now. Israel needs a solid leadership to face the things that will come against it. We need men who will humbly lead the nation and who will be open to the Lord's direction. Please pray for Israel. We need the Lord to show up in a big way so that the people of Israel can know where their safety lies. As we go back, please pray that the Lord would show us how we fit into His plan for His people.

Of the many amazing experiences i have had at the hospital, I would like to share one with you that struck me in a profound way this week. I went into a hospital room and introduced myself to the patient. I said simply, "Hi, my name is Devin Mitchell, and I am a chaplain here." The patient looked up at me, smiled and said, I know you are a chaplain." I wondered how she knew who I was, because I did not remember this patient. So I asked her, "Did I visit you before?" She said that I had come to visit her as she when she got out of surgery. "I don't know your name, " she told me, "but I know your face and I know that you are a chaplain. Of the many faces I saw after my surgery, I didn't remember any of them but yours." This really touched me and made me wonder why she would remember my face. After a brief re-introduction, we had a great conversation and I left really feeling blessed. I asked the Lord about the whole thing later. He said that it was His desire that those who love Him would reflect Yeshua in their faces to the scared and lost of this world. This reflection in is to be so great that others would remember our faces, distinctly, in the sea of people that they encounter everyday. That shining light of Yeshua in our faces will cause the world to remember us in the time crisis. This remembrance will draw them to us in their sear for the Lord. I pray that we would all be the true reflection of Yeshua in these difficult times.

In Yeshua,

Devin and Callie


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