Adventures at the Beach in Tel Aviv

Israel has great Mediterranean beaches! The closest one to us is in Tel Aviv. Its a crowded beach (due to being in a big city), but at only 45 minutes away, its an easy trip to take on weekends.

Unfortunately, our camera battery died a little while after we arrived, but our sister, Erin, was able to get a few photos for us! Thanks Erin!

I found this photo on google, just to give a general sense of what the Tel Aviv beach is like.

Under my umbr-ella-ella-ella-a. Everyone rents an umbrella.

This was ours. It blew away a few times, but it did its job! None of us got sunburned - or impaled!

Me and Erin.

The beach started to clear out during the late afternoon, but it was still crowded compared to the beaches along North Carolina's Crystal Coast that I'm so familiar with.

What I wish you could see is all of the Matkot (paddle ball) players along the water! Maybe if you look closely, you'll find a few. EVERYONE was playing paddle ball. Apparently its a pretty big deal. It created an interesting white noise along with the waves, but the density of all the people playing made walking along the shoreline very difficult! I'm sorry I wasn't able to get a photo of this unique Israeli phenomenon. ;)

Hot husband in the sand... and our friend Tim's feet behind him!

Check out all the Kite Surfers behind me. They were very entertaining to watch. Tel Aviv beach also has surfers and sailboats, too! Its a very active beach!

Looking wind blown!

We had a great time at the beach that day, visiting with friends who live in Tel Aviv, eating a picnic lunch of chicken salad, cucumbers, and tomatoes, and swimming in the warm Mediterranean Sea. Hopefully we'll go again soon!

callie m.

An Idiot's Guide to the Tel Aviv Beach

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