Adventures in Antalya, Turkey

Devin and I had to leave Israel for a few days, so we took a little 'second honeymoon' along Turkey's Mediterranean coastline!

Turkey is a popular vacation destination for Israelis, and after visiting I see why! Devin calls this amazing nation "Europe's best kept secret." The scenery is beautiful, the people are friendly, and its super affordable to get there from this part of the world! We both recommend taking the time to visit if you are anywhere near!

This wasn't a big site seeing trip for us. It was more of a lazy weekend in the sun and the sea.

With beaches that look like this....

...can you blame us?

Here's a few in the other direction. The shore line is covered in pebbles which grow in size as the water gets deeper!

A young man who worked for our hotel took this photo for us. He and a few others followed us around after discovering that Devin, or Devint, as they liked to call him, is an English teacher. I thought about cropping and zooming in Photoshop, but the dear lady in the background might not have been to happy about that!

Our hotel had this crazy water slide—and no lifeguard! We both witnessed a few incidents (such as people sliding on their feet!) and were part of a few (I ran into a Muslim girl, in her Burka, who decided to SIT on the slide)! We also had a Turkish Bath that provided full spa treatments for only $35 US! Of course we took advantage of that option!

We ate dinner at a lovely kebab restaurant where, again, the staff was enamored by my ESL teaching husband. We had an excellent meal of kebabs, Turkish coffee, Turkish tea, and kenafe for dessert.

And our server did this little trick with forks and toothpick.

This is the little downtown... not architectually spectacular, but colorful and lively, nonetheless.

And what would a visit to Turkey be without Turkish Delight! They also had great deals on leather everywhere!

We found this cute little park filled with adult-sized exercise equipment...

... so we took a moment to do the leg press.

The next day, we ran into Ariel.

We had an amazing time in Turkey and look forward to exploring some of the more historic sites on our next visit! We hope to make traveling to Turkey a regular part of our life here in the Middle East, and really hope to be able to do ministry in this ancient land in the future!

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