Worthy is the Lamb!

For this month's SAVED News article, I take on Hell, Fire, and Brimstone...  and I win.  Because of Yeshua, I win. 

This article was prompted by the last year of battling a brain tumor, fearing death, and God's solution to my problem.  I thinks its become unfashionable to talk about Hell because it seems unloving and scary, but we can't fully grasp God's love if we don't talk about Hell, and what He did to overcome. 

In avoiding discussions about the consequence of sin, we miss a huge anointing of power that comes from the work Yeshua did for us.  I've been walking in that power and want it to overflow into the lives of others. 

I hope in reading this, you will be empowered that one day, you will look death in the eye, and you will live! 

February 2014

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