Mom on a Mission!

Several months ago, a friend shared an article on FB listing reasons for intentional childlessness within Christian marriages.  As I read the authors argument, a sadness swelled in my heart.  At that time I was in the midst of secondary infertility and didn't know if I would carry a child in my womb again.  In my humble opinion, her reasoning resembled more closely that of worldly thinking than embracing a biblical world view, even unintentionally sending the message that women are of more social value without babies.  But it was when I read her thoughts on childlessness making one more more free to serve in Missions that I knew I had a voice on this issue. 

My personal experience has been exactly opposite of the author's thesis.  Having Aviel has only opened doors to know my Jewish and Muslim neighbors because this season has increased my common ground with women unlike me.  Take a few minutes, if you can, and read more in this month's submission to Kindred Grace. 

More than anything, know that if you are a ministry minded person, that love for your neighbor will overflow no matter what season in life you are in.  Your marital and mothering "status" neither qualifies nor disqualifies you from Kingdom Service, it simply changes how you go about things. 

May, 2014


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