The Cushie Files

Few people in the world can say they had a One in a Million disease...  but I can.  During the summer of 2013, after years of strange symptoms, and seven months worth of test, I was finally diagnosed with Cushing's Disease.  This is a rare condition that forms when a tumor, in my case, on my pituitary gland secretes a hormone called ACTH that then stimulates the body to produce too much cortisol.  the cortisol takes over and does major damage, the worst of which is infertility. 

My diagnoses was followed by a neurosurgery two months later, to remove the tumor.  The Lord was so good to heal my body and we were blessed with a baby girl just over a year after the surgery. 

I've collected the various posts I wrote about Cushing's Disease, some more directly related to the physical condition, and others, lessons I was learning during that challenging season.   I'm still processing all that took place, so this compilation will certainly grow as I feel led to share my heart more and more.  Enjoy! 


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