Making Cheese Biscuits in Israel

Just a few weeks ago, my cousin, Emily, visited Israel on a tour with her class from Campbell University. While her group was in Jerusalem, we were blessed to be able to spend sometime together.

Devin and I had Emily over for dinner one evening. We decided to have a Breakfast Supper complete with our Mema's cheese biscuits. Making (and eating!) cheese biscuits is one of our family traditions. After our Mema went to be with the Lord, Emily assumed most of the cheese biscuit making responsibility. I can make a decent biscuit, too, but Emily's a pro, so I was excited to see what I might be able to learn from her skills.

The incredients are simple — self rising flour, buttermilk, crisco, and cheddar cheese. The Israeli version was slightly different, with non-brand name vegetable shortening and white cheddar.

First, we sifted the flour in a large mixing bow, then with a fist, made a crater for mixing the other ingredients. Now, really, we should be using a wooden bowl, but I don't have one yet. Remember that for my birthday!

Next, we poured buttermilk in the crater.

Then, Emily added the shortening — about the size of an egg.

Next, she kneaded the ingredients together.

Here we are. :)

While Emily was kneading, I was getting the cheese ready...

... and Devin got started on the Goosebreast, eggs and grits, in our All-Clad pans. :)

The biscuits when in the oven for a little while, and when they came out they look like this! We always know they'll be good when we see the cheese oosing out!

Then we enjoyed our yummy meal! :)

As our Big Daddy used to say:
"Come when you can, and stay as long as you can when you come."

Thanks for stopping by, Emily!

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