"Oh Big Baby!"

Those were the words of our quirky French-Israeli doctor at our last visit! At 6.4 cm, (about 2.5 inches) the baby is hardly big, but Little One has grown a ton since our 7 week appointment! As it turns out, I've grown too!

Here's Baby at 12 weeks and 6 days:

Its amazing how much of a tiny face the baby already has! It moved and wiggled for us too!

I know the Doctor didn't put my name on these images. She didn't last time either! Its our baby, though! I promise! We can blame it on socialized medicine. hehe. ;) We get an ultrasound every visit, so I can't complain too much!

Here's Mommy just a few days later at 13 weeks:

A doula friend said she was surprised I'm showing so much on my first baby. I think its the Lord's way of encouraging me because I've been pretty sick! The belly helps me remember why!

Abba had to get in this post too! We didn't want him to be left out!

My sweet sweet husband!

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