Growing Belly

Well, here's the latest belly photo! I'm sorry we haven't posted more.... my camera disappeared from my suitcase on the way home from our honeymoon, and Devin's just recently died, so we're stuck with photobooth for now. But fear not! With a baby on the way, we'll definitely be getting a new one soon! ;)

This is me at 20 weeks and a few days with our precious baby boy!

We're definitely growing!

What's going on at 20 weeks? Well, I'm still wearing my non-maternity jeans thanks to Hannah who sent me the very cool and useful belly band. My shirts are beginning to get a little snug, so I'm busting out the maternity gear, which is kinda fun! I'm feeling much much better, dealing only with some ligament pains in my back and sides.

Feeling the baby move around has been wonderful and encouraging. Devin and I were both able to tickle his tiny feet the other day, as he stretched out his legs leaving some little round lumps on my stomach. We've been enjoying the second trimester! I'm regularly amazed at how much I already feel like a mom! Devin and I feel incredibly blessed that the Lord would trust us with a new life! :)

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