Shabbat Shalom

Dear Family,

It seems like winter has finally arrived here in Israel. For the past few weeks, we have been experiencing a heat wave unlike any I have ever seen here in October. The Lord was gracious to cause this heat to break and the rain to begin. Please continue to lift to the Lord the desperate place Israel is in regards to water. The Sea of Galilee (Israel's main source of water) needs to go up about three meters to become full again. It would be a miracle to see the five years of drought reversed in one winter, but all of us here are praying with hope. Israel also continues to feel the threat of a possible nuclear Iran. "Talks" continue with no hope in sight, and it seems as though governments are beginning to resign themselves to having a nuclear Iran. There is no telling just how long Israel is going to be able to wait before taking action; and that is something that no one wants to even think about. Please pray that the Lord would intervene and soon!

Callie and I are in the final few weeks before we head back to the States for a visit. It has been a very interesting, yet wonderful time here in Israel. Building a life is one thing, but building a life in Israel is a completely different thing. Callie and I have been challenged by the reality of life in Israel together. The Lord's grace has been in it all and I see how he is bringing us closer together, so that we might reflect His glory in this nation. Please pray that the Lord would continue to show us how and where He wants us to build here. There are many things we could throw ourselves into, but we need the wisdom to know how we should devote our time. The baby is healthy and kicking up a storm lately. We can already tell he will be a mover and shaker for the Lord! Please pray that the Lord would bless our little son's development.

How many of us are living out our believing lives as if we are ok with just sliding into Heaven? We are saved by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of our testimony, but is that where we put things on cruise control? Callie and I have been going to a bible study since we got back to Israel in March. We have been going over the Book of Revelation and it has really been great. One of the things that is thematic in this amazing book is the idea of overcoming. In the letters to the seven congregations, Yeshua talks about what will be given to the over-comers. This idea of an over-comer gives me the picture of mountain climber in a snow storm who continues to climb until he reaches the top. The climber won't let anything get in the way of reaching the goal. How many of us, if we were climbing that mountain, would find a nice cave to sit in hopes that the storm would blow over? At least, we could say we started the journey and got fairly high, right? Yeshua is looking for those would will have the heart of the over-comer. We don't have the ability to overcome the world ourselves, and that is why He took it upon Himself to do it. The simple truth that He overcame the world takes away all of our lame excuses about feeling inadequate or too weak for the task. We just need to have the heart of the over-comer in us and rely on His adequacy to carry us until the end. To me, it will never be enough to simply "get by" in the kingdom of heaven. If our Lord is willing to give us more abundantly than we can even ask or think, why wouldn't we give our heart, soul, and strength to His purpose? May the Lord infuse us all with the desire to truly be over-comers for His kingdom. Blessings!

In Yeshua,

Devin and Callie


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