Sweet Poem

My lovely friend, Lisa, sent me this sweet poem the other day. It was perfect for me, given how very much I've been in a daze of love for our little baby ever since our wonderful second trimester ultrasound.

“Ultrasound” by A.E. Stallings

What butterfly—
Brain, soul, or both—
Unfurls here, pallid
As a moth?

(Listen, here’s
Another ticker,
Counting under
Mine, and quicker.)

In this cave
What flickers fall,
On the wall?

Spine like beads
Strung on a wire,
Of our desire,

Moon-face where
Two shadows rhyme,
Two moving hands
That tell the time.

I am the room
The future owns,
The darkness where
It grows its bones.

(From 32 Poems.)

Found here.

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