Adventures at the Mt. Zion Hotel

We always have such fun adventures when friends and family visit! This time, our lovely friend, Kristen, invited us for breakfast and swimming at the Mt. Zion Hotel while she was visiting from the States. The Mt. Zion Hotel is located just outside the walls of the Old City and next to Succat Hallel, a 24/7 House of Prayer. Its one of our favorite hotels in Jerusalem! Devin had to leave for work after breakfast, but Aviel and I had a great time with Kristen!

On the way to the pool, we found a chuppah over looking Mt. Zion.

Here's the pool with the hotel in the background.

Aviel loved swmming!

He kicked his legs like a little froggy.

We took a little break and got this photo with Kris.

Round 2 with the bucket hat.

The little one napping after his swim (Don't worry! We moved him totally in the shade and changed his clothes just after this cute photo!)

This is a view from the pool.

The Hinnom Valley (or Gehenna) and the Old City walls...

Mt. Zion...

The Mt. of Olives and East Jerusalem.

Grapes growing along the railing

Setting up for a party.

I love all the stone villas.

Sink for ritual hand washing

Gardens with covered walkways adorn the outside areas of the hotel

Here we are in one of the gardens on the way back into the building

Sinai style sitting area

And just on the other side of the sitting area is this beautiful steam room, complimentary for all guests!

The lobby with stunning views.

The hotel's website has dozens of great images of rooms and other features, as well as prices and booking information. We recommend this hotel for anyone who wants to visit Jerusalem in luxury! Its a great place to experience, if only for one night! Just don't forget about us while you're there!

Thanks so much to Kristen for a fantastic day! We miss you!!

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