Aviel's First Bike!

I may not be a Jewish Mother but I am, most certainly, a proper Israeli Ima. How do I know this? Because it was the most sincere burden of my heart to make sure Aviel had a bike for Yom Kippur this year!

You see, in Israel, the tradition on Yom Kippur is that all of the children (and adults, too) break out the bikes and ride in the streets. Typically theses spaces would be full of traffic, but on Yom Kippur, no one drives... from the most orthodox to the most secular.

Its a rather unusual way to celebrate a day of fasting and affliction, but its what we do, and I wanted to make sure our little guy was able to celebrate with his people.

Devin thought I was a little odd for caring so much, but my mama-heart led the way! We agreed on a budget for a little bike, and don't you know that I found one in a baby store, Shilav, on sale for exactly what we discussed! The wheels fold up flat so I can carry it to the park or to friends houses!

We got dressed up in traditional white and khaki, went outside and let our little one ride around! All day long he said, "Bike! Bike! Bike!" It was such a sweet day!

Here he is...

"Look at me..."

"I have a bike!"

"Ima! Quit taking pictures and take me outside!"

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