Gilad Shalit and My Last Days Baby

For five years now, the hearts and minds of the Israeli people have been tempered by a solider held as a prisoner in Gaza, Gilad Shalit. This Sukkot, Gilad was finally released to come home! It was a controversial deal, but even so, the nation seems to be celebrating the return of her lost son.

My own thoughts on his return are slightly mixed. On one hand, I am beyond overjoyed he is home. My mother-heart weeps when I consider all this young man has been through. I wonder...

What if this was Aviel?

On the other hand, I have concerns that the demands for his release will jeopardize the safety of the Israeli people and future soldiers.

And again I ponder...

What if this was Aviel?

... a thought that has crossed my mind often in the time I've known of Gilad Shalit, and every time I passed the tent of his parents campsite outside of the Prime Minister's house. You see, Aviel will serve his nation in the Israeli Defense Force. My tiny son will one day be a man, risking his life for his people and his land, Israel.

Knowledge of this reality has greatly influenced my prayers for my son, and the way I approach training him in the way he should go. I want to raise a son who will be of strong character, who will be others-oriented, who will endure to the end. I want to raise Aviel to be a man of honor and integrity, courage, and perseverance. This means that I also have to demonstrate these fruits in my own life. It whips me into spiritual shape, for sure!

When I think about Gilad's Ima (mama in Hebrew), I often wonder what I would do if I were in her position. Fast and pray, and trust! One thing that would give me comfort is to know that I did everything I could to draw my son to his Messiah, Yeshua. In particular, this story has burdened my heart to help my children memorize scripture. If Aviel was in Gilad's shoes, it would bring me great peace to know he had God's word hidden in his heart, where he could draw from object truths at times when his body and will might be weak.

Though this experience is unique for me as as an Israeli Ima, because I believe we are approaching the Messiah's return, the urgency is the same for all babies of Aviel's generation. We are last days Mamas, raising last days babies. I hope to give mine all of the spiritual amo they need to live out of the strength of the Holy Spirit until that day comes.

Welcome home, Gilad. And thank you for inspiring me to want more for my son.

Seeds Family Worship I love these cd's for scripture memorization.
A Women After God's Own Heart by Elizabeth George. This lady inspires me to pray for my children!

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