Adventures on the Bus

Riding the Bus! Riding the Bus! Aviel is riding the Bus!

...A little ditty I used to sing to Aviel, on the bus, when he was a small baby. Since we're pedestrians, riding the bus is a part of our everyday life here in Jerusalem. Though it has some difficulties here and there, its something I really enjoy!

The Egged Bus system (pronounced egg-ged) recently changed from using punch cards and monthly passes, to requiring everyone to have a special photo i.d. card. Because of this, we had to go to the Central Bus Station to get our cards made. I thought it might be a good opportunity for a little adventure... so here we go!

Aviel and I headed down to our bus stop on Hebron Road.

We ride the 71,72,74, or 75 into city center

Here we are... Aviel in the Babyhawk Mei Tai with his favorite "blue hat," and me with the backpack diaper bag, waiting for our bus.

Our favorite seat was available! I like to sit backwards just before the connection joint in the middle of the long bus. It has a little more leg room, and I feel better about Aviel riding in this direction for some reason! This is our view.

And here's a look at the front of the bus.

Its very common to see people reading their prayer books on the bus... an everyday space becomes sacred.

A few stops later, we picked up this guy! "Its Abba!!" (Aviel took this photo!)

Then Abba took this photo of Ima and Aviel. A baby in stroller takes an extra punch on the card, but a baby in a wrap rides for free! Aviel usually rides in the Mei Tai on my lap. Its so much more efficient than having to take the stroller along! We hop in and out with ease... sometimes needing just a little re-adjusting if he got wiggly!

We arrived at our destination: Central Bus Station.

This is the front entrance...

...And the busy terminal. Some levels are more like a shopping mall.

We walked through the terminal to the ticket counter to fill out the paper work for our new cards. Unfortunately, we pulled number 700 and they were only on number 400! After waiting a little while to see how quickly (or slowly!) the line was moving, we decided to leave! On the way out, someone shared that a booth for card applications was set up on Ben Yehuda Street, so we headed that way!

This time we decided to ride the new light rail, since its running for free as a promotion.

Here's a look at the new train stops.

And these are the tracks.

Here comes our train!

We hopped on and headed to Ben Yehuda Street. The Line was much shorter, although it still quite a wait! Fhewww! It was a long day, but we left with our new cards in tote!

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