Lessons in Line Drying 2

Oh how the rain makes laundry oh so difficult! I literally have to plan my washing around the forecast! Just a few days ago, Devin gave me a warning about afternoon showers, because it was quite sunny and warm in the morning. We had an appointment that afternoon, so I rushed to get the clothes off the line "just in case it rains," but looking at the sky, I threw another load in the washer "just in case it doesn't rain." It was a small load, so if it did rain, I could hang them on the indoor drying wrack. Fun logic, huh?

In response to my last post on line drying, a friend asked me what I do with Aviel while I'm hanging clothes. Most of the time, I try to time hanging so that Aviel is either napping or with Devin because the process involves me sticking my head out a window three stories up.

Here's an photo of my neighbors laundry in the building across from ours. I'm not a laundry stalker... I promise! I just want to give a clear sense of how this works for us!

Many families who have a merepesset (balcony) use that space for line drying, but those of us who don't, have lines on pulleys outside of our windows. Besides the occasional garment falling off the line, the system works pretty well. I just always want to make sure to keep my little guy safe.

The times that I need to take care of line drying while Aviel is around and Devin is not, we make clothes pin creatures and he works on pulling them apart while I hang. Sometimes I give him the pins as I pull clothes off the line, and my good little helper eagerly puts them in their basket.

I've been testing a few more drying methods outs, so here's my continued listed:

Go here for 1-6.

7. During the dry season, I can overlap edges to conserve pin. This is not effective in the rainy season because the cooler temperatures and higher humidity prevent that one overlapped inch from drying, and that's just annoying.

8. Pillow cases dry best with the opening down.

9. Drying takes longer during the rainy season, so I only plan to do one load a day.

10. Certain baby baby clothes can self-hang by taking advantage of their snaps. :)

Well, there you have it... the latest revelations on how to be the most efficient line dryer I can possibly be.

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