How Do We Eat Matzah? Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookies!

Fasting from one thing often means feasting on another.  In the case of Feast of Unleavened bread, that means Matzah!  Who says Matzah has to be boring?  Part of the fun of the feast is finding ways to make this cracker-like bread taste yummy.

As I've lived in Israel, I've enjoyed, and sometimes wept over, trying to adapt my Southern food culture into our life over here.  I've had great successes (Israelis love broccoli salad and sweet potato casserole), and other times, epic failures!  In the case of Matzah, I have something that I'm actually really proud of:  an adaptation of the ever popular Christmas Chocolate Covered Ritz Cracker Cookie,  Matzah-fied and totally kosher for Pesach.   

I've made this treat three years in a row, now... so I figure it deserves a place on the blog.  :) 

Simple ingredients:  Matzah, Peanut butter (or other nut butter of your choice...  I use a sugar free organic Israeli brand), and chocolate bars.  Funny story about the chocolate bars.  I accidentally bought the chocolate with nuts because I was shopping in haste and I don't know enough Hebrew yet to have realized what happened... even though there are clearly nuts on the package! It didn't hurt the taste at all, although it did cause me to use more bars per Matzah. 

Next, create a double boiler to melt the chocolate without burning.  While its melting, I broke up the Matzah and made little peanut butter sandwiches.  This part of the process makes this treat distinguishably different from the southern Ritz Cracker version.  Matzah doesn't not cut or break evenly because its very crumbly.  It takes a little work "guess and check" work to match up peices that are similar sizes.  AND the result is always a variation of size.  I actually like the size differences in the cookies because I can always find one to fit the sweet tooth needs of the moment!

Next, smoother them in chocolate!  For this, I don't recommend dipping because of the crumble factor.  Its best to use a spoon to cover the Matzah on both sides.  This will leave a little bit of exposed Matzah on the end, but I like something about that, too!  Then let them firm up on a baking sheet covered in wax or parchment paper.  In Israel, I let this take place in the fridge do to lack of HVAC. 

Here they are, ready to eat!  And the Bread of Affliction tastes so sweet! 


Peanut Butter
Chocolate Bars 

*To give an idea about how many chocolate bars/Matzah.... From my experience , 1 dark chocolate bar will cover about 2 full sized Matzah crackers broken and peanut buttered, 1 milk chocolate will cover 1 Matzah cracker broken and peanut buttered, and 1 bar of white chocolate will cover about 3/4 of a full sized Matzah cracker broken and peanut buttered due to opacity. 


1.  Set up a double boiler with a sauce pan and a metal mixing bowl.  Bring water to a boil, and melt chocolate in the mixing bowl. 

2.  While chocolate is melting break Matzah into cookie sized pieces and make little peanut butter sandwiches. 

3.  Use a spoon to cover the little sandwiches with chocolate on both sides.

4.  Place on a baking sheet covered in wax or parchment paper and allow chocolate to cool and firm up.  

5.  Eat and enjoy!  


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