Sometimes We.... do PIZZA Shabbat!

Israel does many things well, but pizza is not really one of them! Its not terrible...  its just...  ok.  They don't get the concept of sauce, and because most restaurants keep kosher, separating milk and meat, toppings are all veggies. No pepperoni or meat lovers pizzas around here!

 Regardless, we do treat ourselves now and then and have even developed a little family tradition of going out for pizza before for the Feast of Unleavened Bread.

Here's Aviel at this year's pre-Seder pizza night...

And a real Israeli pizza. Toppings:  2 regular cheese, 2 mushroom, and 2 Bulgarian cheese.

This pizza is from a little restaurant called Pistachio's.  They make some of the better pizza in town, but we learned  that in order to get a really good pizza,  we have to make it ourselves! We don't do this often, but every once in a while we splurge on ingredients and calories because its just plain fun.  And it especially makes for a nice Shabbat Dinner when its just the three of us! 

Devin's the Pizza man around here... 

Here he is making the dough for the crust.  Devin's quite a chef.  He can cook far more sophisticated things than me, and he makes dinner most weeknights.  I appreciate his skills in the kitchen.

Aviel took this photo of Devin rolling the dough around. 

Then he asked if he could touch it.

After the dough is well kneaded, it goes in an olive oil coated bowl to rise.

While we wait for the dough, Devin makes his secret recipe pizza sauce.  Ok... so its not really a secret, but I'm not sure exactly how he does it... so we'll call it a secret for now.  :)

And the guys get a little sample. 

Then Devin grates fresh mozzerella and slices turkey salami (no pepperonis here). 

And he rolls out the crust.  

Meanwhile, the pizza stone is in the oven heating up. 

Next he adds the sauce....  

Then the cheese and salami.  

It goes in the oven and....  

...We get these lovely personal pan sized pizzas!  Devin made three little pizzas, and a small calzone.  We did our candles, bread and wine blessings, then ate the best pizza in Jerusalem.

Thank you Chef Devin! 

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