A Few Months of SAVED News!

I'm afraid that my recovery from brain surgery has made me a negligent blogger!  More updates on that later, but I wanted to provide briefs and links to the last several months of articles for my wonderful editor, AZ Hubbard, at SAVED News....


November, 2013 

We experienced a unique overlap of Thanksgiving and Hanukkah this year!  See how these traditions share a few commonalities.  


December, 2013

Learn a bit about Christmas in Israel, and how I'm growing in my ability to beat the Holiday Blues.   For a more casual and more expanded telling of one of our favorite Christmas celebrations, check out this post, Sweet Israeli Christmas. 


January, 2014

Learn a little about how the Lord uses the hardship of being a pedestrian-mother-of-a-three-year-old during the rainy season in Israel to refine my character.  Props to my friend, Bethany, (she's also feature here) for convicting me with her joy! 


Check out the Articles link for more stories for my running archive of writings for SAVED News. 


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