Praying for Aviel: Not Yet Created

I have loved Aviel from the moment I first knew he was with us, but really, I  have loved him long  before.

Today, Kindred Grace will share my testimony of praying for my babies as a single women.  Please visit and read this story of sowing seeds and reaping a harvest.


I'd like to offer a warm welcome to regular KG readers who have stopped by.  I hope that you'll feel God's love as you browse through our wild life in Israel. 


Meet Melissa from the story, and see her family's ministry, A Place for the Heart

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This is a more refined version of a sweet post from Feb 4, 2012, entitled Praying for Aviel: Not Yet Created.  I have left all related links from the original, in keeping with the learning of that season in the Lord.  


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