Deceived by Social Justice?

Part 1

Social Justice is probably the buzzword of the decade, but what really does it mean? And as a believer that Yeshua is Messiah and Savior, how should it apply to me? This is something I've been mulling over in my head for quite some time now. Probably because this ideology seems to be coming at me from all directions, with some parts of the movement aligning with certain way I understand and know the Lord, but other aspects that just don't quite settle with my discernment. Over the years I've learned that if something seems off, I need to trust that instinct and test it out, so that's what I've been doing.

What is it exactly that bothers me about the social justice movement? Well, in some ways its hard to pin point. After all, the Yeshua I know and love fed the poor and his word clearly states that true religion is caring for the orphan and widow. Isn't this the basic premise of 'Social Justice'? Isn't this a lifestyle modeled by my Lord? Aren't I someone who has spent time in developing nations ministering to the poor? Then what's the problem?

It started to become clear to me as I endured this last election season in advanced levels of academia. Its no secret that the academic community swings to the left, the far left, on pretty much every issue. This means that my days were filled hearing arguments counter to things I know to be true, holy, and just. It was an exhausting experience that sometimes left me feeling bitter if I wasn't pressing in the Spirit of God properly. During this time, a professor who regularly pushed Marxism on our class as an ideal shared with me his great love for modernism because it "transcends all religions." He hopes to see a modernism infused with social justice and believes the election of Obama indicates that this generation is gloriously headed in that direction. And its likely he's right. This is when I began to have the revelation. What troubles me about the truth of his thought is that it seems to me a generation of young believers may be aligning themselves with those abiding by the influence of secular humanism - a doctrine of demons - under the guise of 'social justice.'

Now, don't hear me wrong. I'm not trying to pick on a political party or our new President. Although, I will openly admit that I did not support him or his party this past election. The doctrine of demons that I'm pointing towards is the idea hidden within my professors statement. This notion of "transcending all religions." Statement such as this, directly deny the absolute sovereignty of Jesus, while presenting themselves as 'inclusive' to all belief systems. This is much like the ever popular COEXIST bumper stickers and t-shirts. We can all be different, but still unite because we share a common 'cause.' And this the problem. Or more concisely, the ease with which believers can become deceived by this great lie within the 'social justice' movement is the problem.

During a discussion about this topic with a few people from our congregation my cell group leader, Cy Wegman, pointed me towards Stuart Greaves of the Kansas City International House of Prayer. Cy had just been to Kansas City for their annual "OneThing" conference and heard Greaves speak on this very subject. Greaves has devoted the last 15 years to studying this topic of Social Justice as it pertains to the bible and life of Yeshua.

I believe the Social Justice movement is paving the way for the Anti-Christ, and the church, in its deceived acceptance of this ideology is aiding and abetting in his arrival. As I googled to see what Mr. Greaves had to say about the subject, I found that he shares my view, and then some.

According to Greaves there are "two justice movements emerging in the earth." The first one, a false movement, "is rooted in humanism and undermining the apostolic revelation of Jesus." The other, he believes, is a justice movement founded on Jesus and manifesting through day and night prayer. The culmination of the humanist movement will be the one-world government and worship of the Anti-Christ. This makes sense to me, especially since a direct relationship exists between Marxism and secularism. After all, if the government can meet all of your needs and solve all of your problems, who needs God?

Greaves then presents a warning: "The justice movement as it exists right now has many seductive trappings; much of it is devoid of the preaching of the true gospel of Christ, resulting in social activism with a different gospel and a different Jesus from that which was declared to us by the apostles. This void of truth, if not filled with the love of truth, is causing (and will continue to cause) many to be seduced by the message of a different Jesus and different gospel."

That's serious stuff. Its easy today to get caught up in the good works of various NGO's, christian affiliated or not. Its really even edgy to do so... to have a cause. I'm beginning to wonder, though, does participation in service activities that do not proclaim the name of Yeshua - Jesus - as the true means of justice, a way of becoming a pawn of the enemy in things to come. The more I ponder and pray the more I think this very well could be true.

callie m.

Stuart Greaves full article can be found here.

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