Who Really Cares About the Poor?

Its often thought that Republicans are greedy, but is that really true? It turns out that its not according to Syracuse University professor, Arthur Brooks. In his book Who Really Cares: The Surprising Truth about Compassionate Conservatism, Brooks uncovers a the common myth that Liberals care more about that poor than Conservatives. Some basic findings of his research indicate that conservatives are:

- 18% more likely than liberals to give blood

- give 30% more of their incomes to charities (both religious and non religious) than liberal households

- Religious Conservatives are 57% more likely than a secularist to help a homeless person.

Surprised about the religious conservatives? Well, Brooks says holding a religious affiliation is the MOST indicative factor as to whether a person is likely to be giving or not. People who fall into the "religious" category are not only giving but 4 times as charitable as someone who does not affiliate with a religion at all.

If Author Brooks' research isn't swaying enough, consider a recent ABC study conducted by 20/20 that indicates similar findings. In this study, 20/20 placed Salvation Army buckets in two cities with differing demographics: San Fransisco, CA and Sioux Falls, SD. San Fransisco is a wealthy liberal city where only 14% of its residents attend church, and Sioux Falls is a rural community with about 50% church attendance. At the end of the study, the bucket in good ole conservative Sioux Falls had twice as much money as the one in 'make love not war' San Fransisco.

Sioux Falls is the winner, so now which demographic of their overall city gave the most? The working poor. The working poor are classified as those who have the same income with a job as those who live on welfare. Welfare participants and the middle class gave the least.

It turns out that Conservatives really do care about the poor and enough to do something about it. The greatest difference between liberals and conservatives as to poverty issues is not about caring but about acting and what the role of government
should play in this process.

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ABC's 20/20 Study: Click here for the article.

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