In Israel. In Love.

Devin and I have been in Israel for just over a week now and it has been so good. We've been busy running bureaucratic errands, visiting with friends, and working on our apartment. We are in a season on nesting and we love it!

As we are experiencing an abundance of joy, we're both keenly aware that life in Israel is not easy. Devin likes to say we have to "take the land by force." Though he has completed his required army service, and we do support Israeli military efforts, the force my wise husband is talking about is not a militant force. Its a personal, spirit lead effort, and one that requires an incredible amount of endurance.

I'm thankful that he passed on this idea to me last year. My engagement season was full of stressful scenarios that I never anticipated. Prior to my arrival last summer, a close friend and mentor received a word from the Lord that a great wind was blowing in my face. She knew before I arrived that I was in a war zone. As we were preparing for this trip, I had some anxiety about whether or not I would experience the same pressure, but since we have settled in, my experience has been the exact opposite!

I have a great sense of peace and freedom in this new season. I am overjoyed by finally being in our own apartment, a place where we can plant some roots. My architecture job is going really well. I love spending time in Jerusalem's City Center (they are having a great sale on boots... everywhere), seeing how much all of our friends' children have grown and I'm basking in my husband's love. The Lord is so good to have given me everything I have hoped and dreamed for. I hope I will serve Him well here in the land!

It will be several more weeks before our shipment arrives, so please keep our furniture and wedding gifts in prayer as they travel across the Atlantic. After everything arrives and we're able to unpack, I'll post some images so you all can see how great our home is, (thanks to the generosity of so many who love us and were willing to sow into our marriage with wedding gifts)!

Love and Blessings!

callie m.

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  1. Sweet! Sounds amazing...I love that the Lord is often doing things in the spiritual realm that are completely contrary to what circumstances suggests they should be. I'm praying for you guys, and want to come visit. Especially if there are boots on sale! ;)


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