Shabbat Shalom

Dear Family,

This past week was loaded with things happening here in Israel. Every year at this time there is a lot of activity with Passover on its way. With the government finally getting sworn in, it just seems like there has been an abundance of activity in this country that is rarely seen. God has given us such a wonderful blessing to be able to slide in the country with all of this activity. He has been ordering our steps and we are really enjoying watching the Lord work. There are still many things that we need some divine help on, so please pray that we would be able to sit in the Lord's presence and listen. In this world, it is so hard to quiet our hearts before the Lord in order to listen to what He has to say. It seems like the cares of the world have somehow doubled over the past couple months and it is becoming harder to be still before the Lord. We see how important it is for us to do this and I pray the Lord is showing you this as well. Nothing is so essential as spending time with the Lord and yet so easy to forget about when the cares mount up. I pray that the Lord would make your path straight before you and I would ask you to pray the same for us.

Israel is at a point of decision. I almost sound silly saying this, because we just had an election. Israel's decision now is how she will respond to the enormous pressure now being heaped upon her by the international community. No other nation in the world is being told what they need to do as much as Israel is right now. The world community is scared about what this new government in Israel might mean, and they are making preemptive moves to pressure Israel to go the way she "should" go. Please pray that the Lord's hand would be heavy upon this new government that He would reveal Himself to His people.

What did Jeremiah do when he was sitting in that mud? This is something I have been thinking about and thinking about on this Shabbat. It seems to me that if I were in his place, I might be saying to God, "So I do your will, and this is what I get. No one believes me, and pretty much everyone wants to kill me for saying the truth. Why exactly should I continue in this life?" When he was finally drawn out of the mire, he was brought before the king again, and basically said the same thing that got him thrown in the mud in the first place. Would I have been so faithful to God who didn't seem to care for me? I think I might have just told the king what he wanted to hear and then quietly left the city. If they didn't want to listen, why should I care anymore? Jeremiah cared, because He had a real encounter with the Most High God. He continued to speak, because of that encounter. It was something that He couldn't deny. It is something that he couldn't just throw away when it was convenient. There is a challenge being laid at out feet in these days. When we speak the truth according to the Word of God, I assure you, we will be thrown in the mud. The world wants nothing to do with what we have to say. Some will listen, but the majority will go along with the spirit of deception that has been released on this Earth. Why should we continue if most people won't listen and will just throw is in the mud? This is where our true encounter with Yeshua should compel us to continue to speak and live the truth. It is because of HIM that we live, move, and have our being. He is the substance of our being and without Him we would exist without purpose or meaning. This is what we cannot deny and this is what must be planted deep within our spirits. When it is planted in us, we will get out of the mud only to proclaim the truth again. Blessings to you on this Shabbat.

In Yeshua,

Devin and Callie


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