Adventures in the Shuk

Every Yom Shi Shi (Friday) Devin and I go shopping in the Shuk (Hebrew for market) to preprare for Shabbat and the following week. I love the Shuk because it reminds me of buying fresh produce from the Fruit Stands in Rosewood, only at a much larger scale...


Devin and I first met at the Shuk on my first trip to Israel in May, 2007. He was eating a sandwich at the restaurant in the image above.

Although it was four more months before we really developed a friendship, it still makes the shuk a special place for us! We always look forward to our weekly shopping outings!

Slicha! (Excuse me!) Most parts of the Shuk are as densely packed with people as this. We literally have to shove our way through.

Here I am checking out some lemons.

Dried fruit.

Devin selecting some nice ripe cucumbers. We eat cucumbers almost everyday.

Yummy red peppers.

Devin with our "Potato Guy." His potatoes are the best in the Shuk. Aren't they beautiful?

This is the halva stand. Halva is an Israeli snack made from sesame seeds and its actually really really good!

This photo is for my Mom. I always take some tea back to North Carolina for her and this is where I buy it. They have every tea imaginable from black tea, to chai, and fruit and herbal mixes. :)

I hope you all enjoyed our Adventures in the Shuk!

Thanks to Devin for allowing me to make us look like tourists on an everyday Israeli outing!

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  1. I love this post. The pictures are beautiful. Now I really want to go there. If I were there I'd give you a big hug, Callie. God bless you guys!

  2. Aw! Thanks! I think the Shuk is very photogenic! Come visit!

  3. Yes!! it's like a nc farmer's market!! plus tea and halva.

    the Amanda & Nimrod Stephenson family reunion was yesterday. (really extended family) Lewis and Gail say hello. and the Callie Austin family won the family trivia contest. we (aka mom) scored 75 points and got a can of pringles; i think Hervey probably took it home. haha


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