Macaroon Madness!

Macaroons are one of the treats of the Feast of Unleavened Bread! Fluffy coconutty goodness, smothered in chocolate, they make giving up bread well worth it! Likely originating in Italy or France, its not fully known how these tasty confectioneries entered into the Pesach tradition, but many suspect it was simply because they met kosher requirements! No matter the origin, they are part of what makes Pesach, Pesach, in Israel!

We went to the Shuk to buy some for the feast.  

Crowds gathered around...  pushing and shoving-Israeli style- to get in. 

Aviel, we'll say, "sampled" this one.

If he had "sampled" this chocolate one, that's all I would have bought!

Israeli's don't do lines... imagine the madness! There may have been some throwing.

This is probably as traditional as the macaroon gets.  Its a yummy one, too!

And here's our loot.

Dig in, Little Guy.

Chag Sameach! 

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