The Angel of Death Won't Get In!

"Pharoh's son died because the angel went into his house. " Aviel announced at dinner a few nights ago.

Earlier that day, we had attended our Playgroup where the lesson was on the Plagues of Passover. Our group leader, Carly, showed the Angel of Death scene from The Prince of Egypt, then had the children use red paint to cover door frame of the play room.

Following up with Aviel, I asked, "What about the Jewish families?"

And my three year old son replied, "The angel couldn't go in. He went like this..."

He then mimiced, with swooping hand motions, the movement of the animated spirit form from the film.

"Why couldn't he go in?"  I asked.

"Because of the sheep of the blood."

"Ahh... the blood of the sheep?"  Devin gently corrected.

"Yeah!" said Aviel. "The blood of the sheep was on the door and the angel went like this..." 

(Swooping hand motions again.)

"Yeshua is like that sheep, right?"  I affirmed. "Only instead of painting the blood on the door, He painted His blood on your heart."

And out of the mouth of my babe, "Yeah... so the angel of death won't get in."

(Followed by more swooping hand motions.) 


Do you know Yeshua as Messiah, personal redeemer, and beloved?  If not, perhaps you stumbled across this post because He is pursuing your heart with a jealous love!   He was the slain lamb so that the Angel of Death would passover you, that you might be set free,  and know the Lord's heart as your eternal inheritance!  He has chosen you, so why not chose Him today?     

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