Submarine Joins the Family

The Mitchell family is pleased to announce our new addition. Today we are introducing a new pet, Aviel's first pet!

Devin was out of the country on Aviel's actual birthday, but we still wanted it to be a unique an special day for him. That morning at breakfast, he opened a little gift I brought back from Disney World... a matchbox sized Francesco Branuli (he opened Mater at dinner that night).

Next, we ventured into City Center for our Playgroup. The lesson that day was on Yeshua: the Lamb of God. It blessed me that his birthday was filled with such a powerful message of salvation and atonement.

 After playgroup, we stopped by the pet store in the Biyun Clal, along with a few of his little buddies, where Aviel got to pick out his very own fish! He chose a black Molly Fish and named him Submarine. How sweet!

 Even with a *3 year old*, an umbrella stroller, and fish equipment in tote, I did manage to get Submarine safely home on the bus, then up five flights of stairs! Upon our arrival, we assembled his mini-tank and gave him a little "welcome home" snack.

Aviel was delighted. And so was I.

No Fish were harmed during the making of this blog post.

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