Yom Huledet Sameach! Aviel Turns 3!

This year, when I asked Aviel how he wanted to celebrate his birthday he said, "I want a train party with cake and my friends."

"Instead of a cake, what if we make a cupcake train?" I asked.


Well, that settles it. Train party, with friends, and cupcake train it is!

We decided to celebrate Aviel's birthday a few days early this year, because Devin would soon be heading out to England for a conference. We set up his party in the same little park as last year's birthday and we had a fantastic turnout of friends. Of course, we missed all of our friends and family in the States. It would have been great to have have had some cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents celebrating with us!

A lovely group.  We all gathered around for some instructions....

Then we made a Follow the Leader train!

Aviel was the Engine, of course!

Next we did some painting!
This was my favorite part of the party. Several months ago, my cousin Amanda, posted a photo of her son painting a canvas with a taped off word. Her sister-in-law, Ashley, prayed over the children attending her daughter's birthday party and made one for each child. I was so moved by the idea that I wanted to do the same at Aviel's party.

I adapted Ashley's idea to work with the Train theme of the party, and the materials that I could find in Jerusalem. Rather than canvas, I used square wooden tiles, and along with a word, I taped of a train track that connected the tiles together. The track gave a beautiful representation of the Kehilah (community/body of Messiah) and emphasized the concept to "Stay on Track" with the Lord. I kept sibling and cousin groupings together, so the tracks could connect at home.

To discern the word for each child, I started with their names. This is because of the Hebraic sense of a name holding prophetic meaning as well as reputation. Also, I wanted to affirm what the parents' spoke over their child. Together, Devin and I researched the meaning behind each name and prayerfully chose a word that related to, or built off of the the meaning some way. We wrote the explanation in the form of a blessing or prayer with a bible verse on the back of each tile.

Here's the track. Each one came with a little paint brush, as well.

And here we are painting! I brought finger paints and gliter paint. Kids like glitter paint, I'm learning. Before the party, I let the parents know that we would be doing a painting activity, so come prepared! I had a few spare paint shirts, just in case someone forgot!


Above are a few drying, and below is Aviel's after we removed the taped later that day. Looking at each child's unique creation, I thought the results were stunning.

Our friends seemed incredibly blessed by our effort. It truly was a labor of love that took a bit of time, but it was worth the investment! I can honestly say that it gave me a deepened loved for each of the children present, as I received a small glimpse of the Lord's heart for them. I hope that as they grow up together, visiting each others' homes and seeing the tiles on walls, they will be reminded of their family in the Lord!

My making station.

Ok... Now back to the party! 

After painting, we did some eating!  Chef Devin made some lovely salads and sauces.  We had homemade Guacamole (Aviel calls it Acomoli, which is the Israeli version of Children's Tylenol - haha!), Blackbean and corn salad, salsa...  and we bought some Israeli salads and pita.  The kids ate on Thomas the Train plates that Sabba and Savta sent from Cincinnati.

The Spread. 

And the cupcake train again...  Note the jobi logs (Thomas the Train reference) in the first car.

Then, of course, it was time to sing Happy Birthday and Yom Huledet (the Israeli/Hebrew birthday song) and blow out candles...  Well sort of...  Devin's family has a tradition of using a giant sparkler, so we stuck a sparkler in a cupcake and let it do its sparkly thing while we sang!   Aviel sat on his Abba's shoulders through the serenade.

Then we ate those lovely cupcakes and jobi logs!  The jobi logs were especially popular with the kids.

Last, but not least, we opened presents!


Aviel was blessed by all of his gracious gifts!  We have been enjoying them around the house since the party.

Thank you so much for celebrating three incredible years with our little guy!  We are so blessed to have him and thank the Lord for his life every single day!

Happy Birthday Sweetie Pie Crust!  

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